The Optimization Problem

What changes do you want to see in the world and what are you doing to achieve them? Control what you can, to see the change you want to see. The following is an introduction to optimization and an exercise in re-framing how we each see our world. I challenge you to be intentional with … Continue reading The Optimization Problem


Global Investment Themes

Main themes as I saw them from the 2019 CFA Annual Conference in London: Growing Inequality Sustainable Investment and Climate Change Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Big Data The first of these themes can be tied to the remaining three. Inequality There is a tangible dispersion between the haves and have-nots of the world, in … Continue reading Global Investment Themes

Recipe for a Market Crash

Earnings season is upon us and a diabolical mash of market conditions is converging to make it an interesting one. Let's get cooking. Ingredients: Two tablespoons of rising stock prices One cup rising price to earnings ratios One cup falling dividend yields 2 cups falling earnings estimates A dash of slowing global growth One scoop … Continue reading Recipe for a Market Crash

Two Kinds of Smart

How do you define intelligence? A scene from Good Will Hunting comes to mind. "My boy's wicked smaht." What does wicked smaht leadership look like? Here's how the hard sciences are defining intelligence: The equation above was developed by Shane Legg (Deepmind) and Marcus Hutter. It states that intelligence is directly related to achieving positive outcomes … Continue reading Two Kinds of Smart

Thinktank Evolved

A prior post outlined a structure, formally called SCRUM, which helps organizations achieve the best results. The process is completely dependent on how teams are formed within the project. The mix of individuals ultimately determines success or failure. People run companies. No matter how dynamic your development process is, without the right people, the company … Continue reading Thinktank Evolved

Thinktank Methodology: Millenials, Boomers, and VC’s

I've been thinking a lot about the recent changes in our culture. There's a big divide between the young and the old and how we interact with each other. I would like to sit down and source knowledge from people older than me; those went through the same situations as I am experiencing now. I … Continue reading Thinktank Methodology: Millenials, Boomers, and VC’s

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells: YTD Reflection & 2019 Positioning

Christmas season is upon us and geez has the year flown by. Below is a reflection on the year's returns and what to expect/how to position going forward. Returns year to date have been tepid in the US and abysmal in Europe and Asia. The question is, what should investors expect moving into 2019? Growth … Continue reading Jingle Bells, Batman Smells: YTD Reflection & 2019 Positioning

The Climate Change Conspiracy and How to Position Your Investment Account in 2019

President Trump tweeted the following on Nov 6, 2012: US manufacturing is not competitive even without regard to climate change! It's common economic sense. Chinese production costs are lower than the United States. Chinese manufacturing yearly wages amounted to $9,207 in 2017. The Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis Economic Research division estimates the average hourly … Continue reading The Climate Change Conspiracy and How to Position Your Investment Account in 2019