Two Kinds of Smart

How do you define intelligence? A scene from Good Will Hunting comes to mind. "My boy's wicked smaht." What does wicked smaht leadership look like? Here's how the hard sciences are defining intelligence: The equation above was developed by Shane Legg (Deepmind) and Marcus Hutter. It states that intelligence is directly related to achieving positive outcomes … Continue reading Two Kinds of Smart


Thinktank Evolved

A prior post outlined a structure, formally called SCRUM, which helps organizations achieve the best results. The process is completely dependent on how teams are formed within the project. The mix of individuals ultimately determines success or failure. People run companies. No matter how dynamic your development process is, without the right people, the company … Continue reading Thinktank Evolved

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells: YTD Reflection & 2019 Positioning

Christmas season is upon us and geez has the year flown by. Below is a reflection on the year's returns and what to expect/how to position going forward. Returns year to date have been tepid in the US and abysmal in Europe and Asia. The question is, what should investors expect moving into 2019? Growth … Continue reading Jingle Bells, Batman Smells: YTD Reflection & 2019 Positioning

The Climate Change Conspiracy and How to Position Your Investment Account in 2019

President Trump tweeted the following on Nov 6, 2012: US manufacturing is not competitive even without regard to climate change! It's common economic sense. Chinese production costs are lower than the United States. Chinese manufacturing yearly wages amounted to $9,207 in 2017. The Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis Economic Research division estimates the average hourly … Continue reading The Climate Change Conspiracy and How to Position Your Investment Account in 2019

Friday Thoughts: Motivation

Find a scalable profession. While re-reading the The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb I came across the idea of scalable professions. These are professions where you can add zeros on your productivity and income without adding zeros onto your hours worked. By adopting a profession of this sort, you decouple your hours worked and income. Deploying … Continue reading Friday Thoughts: Motivation

Get Paid to Take Risk

Is the risk-reward trade-off broken? Historically smaller companies have higher stock price returns, but this relationship has faded since 2008. What happened and why aren't investors being compensated for taking more risk? Table 1.1 shows how small-cap stocks have performed relative to large-cap stocks since the Great Financial Crisis in 2007-08. There is more volatility … Continue reading Get Paid to Take Risk

Government vs. Free Market: Crashes of the Past 100 Years

Were the most significant drops in financial markets a function of unstable free markets or government intervention? Nassim Taleb, author of bestseller The Black Swan, often speaks on the danger of putting abnormal events in tidy boxes.  Readers should be aware that there are many factors influencing markets at any given time, and by assigning … Continue reading Government vs. Free Market: Crashes of the Past 100 Years