In the grand scheme of things, how big is Apple?

Apple, Inc., producer of the iPhone, announces quarterly earnings on Tuesday.

This WSJ article claims that the cash and cash equivalents on APPL’s balance sheet will exceed $250 billion dollars. I put this article together to give you some idea what that looks like.

Relative to the World:

$250 billion is about the same size as the nominal GDP of Venezuela, Pakistan, Chile, Bangladesh, or Finland. It’s about the same size as the combined GDP’s of the smallest 61 countries in the world. I repeat, Apple could afford to buy the smallest 61 countries in the world using ONLY CASH!!

Switching to revenue as a metric:

Apple, at $233.72b, would be the 47th largest country in the world, between Vietnam and Peru. For relativity, Toyota Motor produces $236.6 b in revenue each year. The largest company in the world is Walmart at $482.13 b in revenue. Walmart would sit between Poland and Belgium if you allow sales to be a metric compared with GDP. Walmart is bigger than Belgium, UAE, Norway, Hong Kong, South Africa, Denmark; the list goes on and on.

Of the top 15 largest corporations in the world (FORBES), six are commodity producers, two are automotive producers, two tech (Apple, Samsung), and two conglomerates, one is utilities, one pharma, and one financial. Apple makes up 6% of the revenue of the top 15 companies in the world.


In terms of Geography:

Five are USA based, four Chinese, and one from each of the following: UK, Germany, Japan, S. Korea, Switzerland, and Netherlands.


This is the world represented by the top 15 companies sorted by sales revenues. Note: Eight (8) countries represented.

This is the world represented by the top 8 economies sorted by GDP. Strangely similar eh?


Grexit: Should we be worried?

Without another bailout, Greece is set to default in June on yet another debt payment of $7.0b.  If Apple agreed to pay instead of the Greek government, it would represent just 2.8% of the cash on Apple’s balance sheet.

The entirety of Greece’s nominal debt in dollars is $375.6 billion. Apple’s total debt is around $100 billion. Apple’s total cash is around $250 billion. Apple could afford to buy two-thirds of Greece’s debt using ONLY CASH. It would only need about $125 billion in nehw debt to completely refi te whole country.

Remind me, why are we worried about Greece again?

Food for thought. Thanks for reading.

– Tommander-in-Chief






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